Have you tried asking GameTracker to add Far Cry again?

  • It is just a though, I think this way your community will have a lot more visibility.

    Of course, it is possible that you already tried and they rejected it. :?

    For instance, I found out abour FEAR Combat community, because servers connected to their master server, which is an alternative to GameSpy, are still there on GameTracker..

  • Hello FoxTare :)

    Strange I thought I had answered you once already. Seems like not.

    I've tried asking GameTracker once I guess over the Forums, althought I've never really received an answer.

    However, in case you got proper contact with the developing team of GameTracker, we would really like to get FarCry tracked by GameTracker too! That would be cool, since it's kindy like the onliest game which isn't listed there... :(

    I've seen your forum, nice post you've written :)

    Nice to see even other games having same troubles like FarCry to keep going. Nice to see that.

    I've readen you're interested in starting up Gameservers for these Videogames. In case you're in FarCry too, then I can offer you proper support to setup a FarCry Gameserver. It's recomandet to have a proper Rootserver at that game, since Home-Hosting isn't recomandet at this game.

    In case you got TeamSpeak, we could actually come togehter some day, maybe you got even some questions about this game to get answered.

    Best regards

  • Nice chat we had the other day on TS. :) Peace.

    Pity that with my current hosting service, being an Ubuntu 64 bit system, will be nearly impossible to host a FC game server.

    Another mate and me, were trying to connect the last 2 days, it seems to be down? It says "webinterface isn't available, try later".


  • Hey FoxTare :)

    Yeah it was nice.

    I'm just thinking about the Linux Application "Wine". It could/should work that way. I would need to test that.

    I haven't got any Linux server with Desktop enviroment so far. When you connect to your servers, do you actually have a Desktop view? Or is it like a black box with letters and typing in commands, etc?

    Anyway, many games do work with that application, so why not the Gameserver Application too. It's all about testing that.
    Would be a nice thing to test that, and not giving up too quickly on that. I would even do that by my own to know whats possible and what not.
    If everything fails, I could offer you a Gameserver from my windows rootserver if you want ;)

    Yeah, my webhoster got some DNS issues at the moment. Not sure about when that gets fixed. Got something todo with the SSL.

    Best regards

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