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    Hello fellow gamers and Far Cry enthusiasts!

    This March marks the 20th anniversary of the original Far Cry, Crytek's timeless FPS classic

    that took the gaming world by storm with its beautiful graphics and groundbreaking AI.

    And thanks to our dedicated multiplayer community, Far Cry is still going strong after all these years,

    entering its third decade of online action and thrills.

    Long live Jack Carver!

    For us as a community, this anniversary is the perfect reason to celebrate the game that has brought us so much joy and entertainment.

    We would like to invite everyone to join us between the 18th and 23rd of March for a whole week of festivities.

    Participate in tournaments and enjoy one-off events and surprises straight out of the Far Cry universe!

    The Anniversary Week 2024 will kick off on Monday with the three-day 2v2 Afterwork Cup and culminate in the Anniversary Assault Cup on Saturday.

    All throughout the week we will play different game modes together and treat ourselves to fun fragging nights and brand-new map surprises.

    Please visit our dedicated Anniversary Week webpage and have a look at what we have in store for you:

    You can also keep yourself up-to-date by joining our Discord community:

    Far Cry 1 Multiplayer Community Discord

    Let’s reignite the thrill of Far Cry 1 multiplayer and make new memories together.

    Join us in celebrating Far Cry and keeping its spirit alive for the next 20 years to come.

    Have a look at our Trailer:

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    See you on the battlefield!

    Your LRv3 Team


    Hello fellow Far Cry players!

    It is time again for our annual Weekend Cup!
    We would like to invite everyone to participate in our Weekend Cup 2023 and celebrate the 8th anniversary of our LR multiplayer add-on.

    During the weekend of the 21st and 22nd of October 2023 we will host an ASSAULT and an FFA competition and everyone is welcome to participate.

    Play for the victory or just for the fun of it – it is free and everyone is welcome!

    The Weekend Cup starts in the afternoon and continues into the early evening hours.
    Just visit our website for more detailed information and timetables.

    Have we got you interested? Great! Then join the party and sign up here:

    Please provide your player name with and without color tags. TeamSpeak 3 is also required.

    You are of course free to sign up for both competitions — ASSAULT and FFA — or just for one Cup.

    Keep yourself up-to-date by joining our Discord:

    Best regards,

    your LRv3 Team!

    Hallo Uwi!

    Die Maps sehen wieder richtig gut aus. :)

    Wäre es möglich die Maps (müssen nicht alle sein) für das 20. Jubiläum aufzubereiten?
    Wenn wir (bzw. du) am 20. Jubiläum zusätzlich neue Maps vorstellen können/kannst wäre das echt toll.
    Wir würden die NRW-Map-Vorstellungsrunde dann in unseren Jubiläums-Plänen / unerem Jubiläums-Programm mit aufnehmen.
    Und die Maps natürlich auch in den MapCycle aufnehmen damit diese zum 20. Jubiläum bespielt werden.

    Gruß Kr!eger

    Hello fellow Far Cry players!

    The Weekend Cup 2022 is coming closer - as the October month has just started over a week ago.

    This post is a little reminder to everyone that hasn't done yet the sign-up for the upcoming event.

    Everyone can sign-up untill Wednesday 19th of October 2022 for the Far Cry Weekend Cup 2022.

    All information and sign-up form is available at the official Far Cry Weekend Cup Homepage:

    See you on TeamSpeak 3 and on the Far Cry servers!

    Far Cry Installation / Help services:

    If you need help with your Far Cry game, your TeamSpeak 3 or with the LRv3 Add-On.

    Than feel free to send us an E-Mail to

    Or visit our Discord server:

    Best regards,

    your LRv3-Team

    Sieht echt spitze aus Uwi :)

    Kann es kaum erwarten die neuen Maps anzuspielen.

    Ist auch etwas interaktivität in der Map? Durch Trigger oder Physik? :/

    Mit dem nächsten LRv3 Update gibt es wieder einen neuen Trigger mit dem man die Dynamic des Spiels beeinflussen kann als Mapper (z.B. Laufgeschwindigkeiten von Spieler, Ambiente -> Schwerelosigkeit, Falldamage)

    Wenn du mal Zeit hast, können wir dir gerne mal ein Briefing in bezug aller möglichkeiten für Mapper geben.

    Mit LRv3 gibt es wirklich echt viele zusätzliche möglichkeiten als Mapper mitlerweile.

    Wir können dir da gerne ein paar Sachen vorführen - Also Astaron ist dem Fall.

    Gerne im TeamSpeak dann. Gib einfach bescheid wann es dir passt 8)

    Gruß Kr!eger

    That's good news with the other PC.

    Strange that this issue happends on some PCs and others not.

    We play many maps a day. However, haven't seen such issue so far.

    Do you have an idea what causes these issues on the buggyball map?

    Maybe as you said already at your first post:


    This map is not new, but as I have more time at the moment, I want to test now. it's quite heavy, but computers and servers are more efficient now, so that shouldn't be a problem. If so I will update.

    Can it be made less heavy? Is that possible?

    Anyway, I could join on the map with no issue, just my FPS was very low.

    Maybe Astaron could advice you something. He is a mapper, and works together with us to create new entities and triggers for mappers to use. Maybe he got an idea to higher the map Performance.

    I don't know much of the Editor, I'm just a scripter.

    By the way, when you open the Editor with LRv3 you will see a lot more entities.

    Loads of Triggers got added, also MPPhysicObject, snd many more entities.

    Take a look at maps like: fc_all-stars, fc_tv or ctb_pripjat. Loads of more effects got possible at Multiplayer now. Look at: FC_TV

    The CustomVehicle entity allows you to add new custom ground vehicles too.

    Best Regards


    Hm. Another player from our Discord tried the map and said...

    I've tried it once only.

    And it loaded and I could join and and play it. Had only arround 30 – 50 FPS. However, I could move. It was a bit laggy, but I could shoot. However, maybe the map is too big and too heavy for FarCry still.

    I played the map FarCry 3 from NRW Mappack made by Uwi. It's also very heavy, just players with very good PC could play it, FPS drop too much.

    Best Regards


    Some selected settings are same for all players.

    It sets once, reconnects and then you're on the server. It happens once after connecting a different server, if you disconnect and connect again at the same server the message won't appear again. Only one time at one server.

    I've played your map before, had no issues at all.

    Just go on the server, let the message do the reconnect, and vote for your map oncr you're on the gameserver.

    Best regards,


    Hello -{DjXa}-Didjay!

    Welcome back at Far Cry!

    Your map looks great!
    Thanks for the post and the video.

    I've uploaded the map to our MapSpace and Gameservers.
    Everyone can download and play the map in-game.
    (Inside the Map-Downloads-Panel the map is also listed - See screenshot)


    Best regards,


    Hallo Uwi,

    Willkommen zurück. :)

    Deine Maps (Auf dem Screenshots) sehen wieder echt toll aus. Klasse arbeit.

    Freue mich bereits darauf diese irgendwann zu spielen.

    Gruß Krieger

    Hello Dayron!

    I guess it's just easier to startup your FarCry, go to "Multiplayer" -> "LAN". Click on the button "Create" and launch a server that way, select the right Gamemod and the Map you wanna play.

    Once you're ingame, just open up the console by pressing the key ^ or ° (the key above the TAB key, on the left of the 1 key and bellow the ESC key).
    It will open up the green console. Now just click once the "TAB"-Key and write "cl_display_hud 0". This will fully hide all elements ingame. The hands don't need to be removed, jus stay in Spectator mode.

    Now you can take Screenshots by pressing the F12 key.

    Best regards,


    Welcome to our Board BorgQueen!!

    Hope you like it, and might visit us some more times :)

    Best regards,


    Hello Saibot!

    You're from the Nice Team Clan!
    I know that Clan from TrackBase. It's registered there.

    What happened to the other members of the Team?

    Best regards,


    Hello Dayron :)

    Great and very nice story about how you came to FarCry!

    Hope you're about to have a lot of fun in-game, and keep us up to date :)

    Feel free to use our Forums/Shoutbox.

    More features following :)

    Best regards,


    Hello everyone!

    As most might know already, I'm Kr!eger from the old *RD*-Clan.
    Administrator and Support for the LRv3-Patch for FarCry Multiplayer :)

    Just though to introduce myself too!

    To introduce yourself, please create a new post with your playername and Clan/-Team-Tag if you're inside a Clan/Team.

    To keep track on our players inside the LRv3 FarCry Multiplayer Community, we would like to know everyone to create game nights, meet together in TeamSpeak, etc.

    Also to make sure you're a FarCry player and not a Spam/Bot.


    Best regards,

    Hello StifflersMom,

    I've wrote a post yesterday already.
    However, it got lost after the Forum update^^

    It's easy to fix your issue.
    I'm sure you're currently having the CD/DVD inside your CD/DVD-Drive to run FarCry.

    Also some CD's got different FarCry execution files then others.

    Just download the FarCry No DVD Fix from our website.

    After this is done, replace it in the ./FarCry/Bin32/ directory.

    Now you don't need to keep the CD/DVD inside the Drive to run the game.

    And you won't experience any issues anymore.

    Best regards,