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    Hello Terje_P and welcome aboard our ship!

    What a rabbithole you have chosen there, indeed. Your gameplay videos certainly make for an interesting viewing, even if one doesn't play the mods proper. We are really a community for the original FC mp only, so I am not sure we can help you with these tc's. But maybe when you exhausted all your Iranian, Korean and Nigerian mods you want to stop by and join us for a game of classical Far Cry multiplayer. You can also find us on Discord or drop by on the LRv3 or FWL teamspeak (yeah, we are oldschool too!). :)

    Hi Terje,

    you are digging up some really rare and exotic stuff here. 8) Many of us have heard about the Russian FC mods, but who would have thought there were all these Iranian mods and tc's out there as well. The mind boggles! I hope you can get the rest of the maps working somehow and show some more of them on your yt channel. However, we are here focused more or less exclusively on maintaining and improving the original Far Cry multiplayer part, not so much on sp gaming or modding. So I am not sure we would be of much help to your efforts. I wish you good luck anyway, it is always fun to see in what creative ways people approach our beloved game! :thumbup:

    It has been quite a while since our last round of map uploads, but finally we present some more rarities from the vaults. We hope it is a nice mixture that will keep you entertained!


    • $3mp_physion-$2crysis - A small arena map that offers a lot of tense action.
    • mp_stow_a_way - A fast moving map on a tightly packed freighter, ideal for fewer players.
    • mp_Healing_Grounds_Day - Some sp elements will not work in multiplayer, but are not essential to having fun in this varied medium-sized arena map.
    • mp_baja - A largely vehicle-oriented map in a giant barren desert landscape.
    • mp_Lake_Mine - A sunny open range map on a grid of embankments.


    • mp_black_sun - Darkness meets mountainous landscape in this somber and somewhat surreal map by ToeTag.
    • mp_PureHell - A rather expansive vehicle map set around a volcano.
    • mp_RemarkableRocks - A small rocky island provides the perfect dusk-tinged backdrop for some fast and furious action.


    • mp_2v2_atoll - Some more variety for our popular 2v2 section.
    • mp_2v2_nine_v1 - Added only for our completionists with severe OCD. ;-) Version 2 has been a staple on our servers for many years now.
    • mp_2v2_smile_island
    • mp_2v2_smile_island_v2 - The name says it all: some very frantic action awaits you on this exceptionally jovial island.
    • mp_ToGo - There is a lot to see and do on this map. So don't let all these dinosaurs distract you!
    • mp_concrete - A great-looking map similar to mp_fuel. Mp_district, the 3rd map from this urban mini-mappack, will follow with the next batch of uploads. Unfortunately, these maps use lots of cross-referenced objects and textures that had to be relinked one by one in order to make them self-contained. A major PITA, but I think it was worth it as these are very well-designed maps. We hope you will agree.

    All servers are updated, have fun!


    Hello fellow Far Cry players!

    Yes, it is time again for our annual Weekend Cup!
    This year it will be held on the 22nd and 23rd of October 2022. A whole weekend full of Far Cry, action and jolly chitchat is awaiting you. Play for the victory or just for the fun of it – it is free and everyone is welcome!

    As always the Weekend Cup will consist of an ASSAULT and an FFA tournament. Feel free to sign up for both or for just one competition. The Cup will start in the afternoon and continue into the early evening hours. Just head over to our sign-up page for more detailed information and timetables:

    We are still open for map suggestions. So if you have some favourites, drop us a line.

    See you on the battlefield!

    Best regards
    your LRv3-Team


    Big map update!
    Many of you might have played the supo and 5v5 maps that we had available throughout these years, with mp_5v5_desertwar even being a popular tournament map. Thanks to returning players |-CFW-| SupoFou and |-CFW-| Gackt54 we were able to complete our collection of 5v5 and supo levels that originated with the Crazy French Warrior clan. No less than a whopping 34 ASSAULT, FFA and TDM maps will hopefully add a lot of variety to your daily dose of Far Cry:


    • mp_2v2_lorraine
    • mp_2v2_summer
    • mp_2v2_supoforest
    • mp_2v2_supostore
    • mp_2v2_supostreet
    • mp_2v2_suposurf
    • mp_5v5_canyonwar
    • mp_5v5_mountainwar
    • mp_5v5_tropicalwar
    • mp_supocanyon
    • mp_supoisland
    • mp_supovalley
    • mp_Punition_Banjo_1


    • mp_supobay
    • mp_supobeach
    • mp_supocamp
    • mp_supocamping
    • mp_supoforest
    • mp_supofrag
    • mp_supofrag2
    • mp_supoharbor
    • mp_supolake
    • mp_supomax
    • mp_suporadio
    • mp_suposhock
    • mp_suposnipe
    • mp_supostore
    • mp_supostreet
    • mp_suposurf
    • mp_supotrash


    • mp_supocrazy
    • mp_supohmygode
    • mp_suporacer
    • mp_Klaustonaval

    But wait, there is more! Supofou also made 2 new maps, fittingly called mp_supo2022 (FFA) and mp_5v5_supo2022 (ASSAULT), which can now also be played on all our servers. Join us and have fun checking them out!

    🐇 Easter eggs, Easter eggs, Easter eggs! 🐇

    The Easter bunny has been doing overtime and brings you all a nice and varied selection of maps.

    First off we have 5 Assault maps:

    • mp_2v2_prey_veng (ASSAULT) - A welcome addition to our 2v2 section with several custom objects and textures.
    • mp_astraining (ASSAULT) - A frantic version of the popular mp_2v2_cage map. But this time on speed! Be prepared for some very fast action!
    • mp_breakpoint (ASSAULT) - Large-scale, open map by Megadeath TAW in the traditional FC style, suitable for more players.
    • mp_jurassic_park (ASSAULT) - Dinosaurs! A vast map with plenty of stuff to see and many pathways to the flags.
    • mp_mad (ASSAULT) - If you are running Far Cry not on a PC but on a glorified potato, this is the map for you. It cannot get any more simplistic than this. Do I have your attention? 🙂

    And finally 6 more FFA/TDM maps:

    • mp_bosque_mortal (FFA/TDM) - Deadly woods indeed! A big and gloomy map for medium or larger player numbers.
    • mp_buggystyle (FFA) - This one is for the car map crowd: Starting on the ground this rally map will have you driving high up into the sky.
    • mp_moltencore (TDM) - Medium-sized indoor arena map with many interactive elements. Not all of them will actually work 100% in multiplayer, but an ambitious and interesting map nonetheless.
    • mp_OldSwamp (FFA) - Straightforward action, set in and around a river and on platforms high up.
    • mp_pyramids_of_anubis (FFA/TDM) - Very well-designed medium-sized version of the ASSAULT map mp_2v2_pyramids.
    • mp_to_storage (FFA/TDM) - A very small indoor map, ideal for 1 on 1 or training scenarios.

    All servers are updated, so have fun giving these maps a spin. Happy Easter to you all! 🐰

    Salut Didjay,

    je suis désolé pour la réponse tardive mais je tiens vraiment à te remercier pour tes bons mots ! Venant d'un collègue mappeur, cela signifie beaucoup pour moi. J'espère que tu as eu du plaisir à parcourir fc_tv et à explorer ses petites vignettes et ses extras. Cette carte en comporte beaucoup plus, ainsi qu'une multitude de défis et de mini-jeux, si tu es prêt à y consacrer un peu de temps. J'aime mes petits coins secrets et mes gags bouffons et nous n'avons fait qu'effleurer la surface. ^^ Il y a encore beaucoup de choses à découvrir !

    C'est vraiment génial d'avoir encore des gens de l'âge d'or du Far Cry. Pendant tant d'années, tu as mis beaucoup de dévouement et un travail incroyable dans le jeu et je serais honoré de te rencontrer à nouveau sur les serveurs, sur notre Discord ou sur Teamspeak. :thumbup: Peut-être pourrions-nous jouer ensemble un peu plus et, si cela te tente, *RD*Kr!eger ou moi-même te montrerons d'autres fonctionnalités et améliorations que nous avons apportées au jeu.

    Au plaisir de te rencontrer à nouveau,

    tous les meilleurs


    :thumbup: Hooray, we have a winner, and I am not talking about the Winter Olympics!

    1378 days (that's almost 4 years) after the original release of the map fc_tv our player [DB] InCr3d1bLe managed to finally crack the elusive Zuper Zecret and found his way into eternal bliss. Or prison? ^^ Anyway, job well done! I salute you, and as promised, here's your virtual cognac:

    This picture has been lying on my drive forever and I am glad I can finally use it. I really appreciate the determination! Since [DB] InCr3d1bLe is the very first player to ever lay eyes on the mysterious Zuper Zecret, he is hereby admitted to a very exclusive club and sworn to eternal secrecy never to reveal how he solved the riddle. Wanna make your way into the ZZ yourself? Well, go ahead and beat the challenge! :)

    3 of our less played 2v2 maps got upgrades:

    • mp_2v2_casas

      The original map erroneously used a LOD model for several barriers, making it possible to shoot and walk through them. This has now been fixed.

    • mp_2v2_mountain

      This map displayed severe lightmapping issues, resulting in messy lighting glitches especially in the indoor section. The proper lighmaps have now been reinstated. Also sprite distances as well as viewing distances for select vegetation elements were bumped up a notch to mitigate the rather jarring pop-in effects.

    • mp_2v2_villa

      The original map used solid collision models for the prominently placed fences, confusing players as to whether they can shoot through them or not. These fence models have now been replaced with newly rendered models that actually let bullets pass. Only the gates are still bulletproof. Formerly undefined materials for these models have also been correctly assigned.

    Some screenshots:

    We welcome another batch of maps on our mapspace and all servers.

    First off are 3 maps that some of you might already have played in the Weekend Cup 2021:

    • mp_megadeath (FFA/TDM) - A fun arena map with lots of vehicles and options. If you like mp_derby and similar maps, you will also get a kick out of this one.
    • mp_speedsurf (FFA/TDM) - An interesting and slightly bigger take on the classic mp_surf map.
    • mp_Weapons_of_chaos (FFA) - A smallish nighttime map with plenty of action.

    Next up some more ASSAULT maps:

    • Mp_DarkForest_A (ASSAULT) - 2 flags on a small to medium-size map that should suit 2v2 or 3v3 well.
    • mp_meridian (ASSAULT) - A rather big 3 flagger in the more traditional FC vein.
    • mp_moon (ASSAULT) - Not sure about the moon part, but certainly a map like no other in our library. Curious? :-)

    And finally a nice variety pack of FFA and TDM maps from the vaults of one of our latest members. Some of them use single player elements (e.g. flying foxes, automatic doors) that will not work on dedicated multiplayer servers, but play fine otherwise. Thanks for passing them on to us, Beans!

    • mp_caldera (FFA)
    • mp_camping (FFA)
    • mp_castle (TDM)
    • mp_desert (FFA)
    • mp_mudbowl (FFA)
    • mp_sombero (FFA)
    • mp_speedball (TDM)
    • mp_waterworld (FFA)

    Have fun checking these maps out and see you in game!


    Hello fellow Far Cry players!

    We would like to invite everyone to participate in our Weekend Cup 2021 and celebrate the 6th anniversary of our LR multiplayer add-on.

    During the weekend of the 16th and 17th of October 2021 we will host an ASSAULT and an FFA competition and everyone is welcome to participate. Play for the victory or just for the fun of it – it is free and everyone is welcome!

    The Weekend Cup starts in the afternoon and continues into the early evening hours. Just visit our website for more detailed information and timetables.

    Have we got you interested? Then join the party and sign up here:

    Please provide your player name with and without color tags. TeamSpeak 3 is also required. You are of course free to sign up for both competitions — ASSAULT and FFA — or just for one Cup.

    Feel free to join our TeamSpeak server:

    Or keep yourself up-to-date by joining our Discord:

    Best regards,

    your LRv3 Team!


    Hi Robi and to anyone else asking themselves a similar question:

    I can recommend checking for Far Cry players that are currently online on this page:

    Or you can check out our very own listing here:…=Yes&filter_players=Apply

    If you go to the ranking section on trackbase ( you can get a good idea of the times when most people usually play by looking at the "Last Seen" column. In general, the best times for playing, I would like to believe, are somewhere between 20:00 and 03:00 o'clock CET (Central European Time), depending of course on the weekday and seasonal differences.

    You are of course also invited to join us on Discord at any time and get a game going by simply asking around in our community. :thumbup:

    Bin ebenfalls schon gespannt, besonders auf deine Map mit dem Bahnhof und der Zugdrehscheibe. Wer braucht da noch Railway Empire... ^^

    Hello everyone!

    Just a quick notice: 10 more maps have been added to our mapspace. This time around it's a nice mix of some traditional and some rather crazy maps:

    • $4mp_Yarrrr (ASSAULT) - A big map in the classical Far Cry style.
    • mp_2v2_radio_v1 (ASSAULT) - A nice addition to our selection of 2v2 maps.
    • mp_BioStunts (FFA) - A hair-raising rally map; I hope you have no fear of heights. ;-)
    • nrw_nnc_hallfight_assault (ASSAULT) - Small indoor map and also a good choice for 2v2.
    • $7PussY (FFA/TDM) - Indoor action à la mp_to_ruins.
    • mp_colosseum_night (FFA) - Happy Hour for gladiators tonight!
    • mp_flagmania (ASSAULT) - 9(!) flags on this one.
    • mp_frankenstein (FFA/TDM) - Stunning looking indoor map from the reliable Mr. ToeTag.
    • mp_Ice_Station_Zebra (FFA/TDM) - A vast, freezing cold FFA map from ToeTag.
    • mp_no_scope (FFA/TDM) - And, let's go for the hattrick, a gloomy, medium-size sniper map, also created by ToeTag.

    As always, we hope that you will enjoy this selection. All servers are updated -- have fun trying these maps out!

    Some more screenshots:

    What horrors and mysterious secrets lie at the bottom of these stairs?

    Is that a... tornado? It's actually more than that but you gotta play to find out.

    What is going on here?

    Can you make your way into the TV weather studio?

    If you ever wanted to know what it feels like to be speedhacking, here's your chance to do it legally. If you can find the right shoe shop, that is...:

    Wait, do we see here hints of a railshooter in Far Cry? ;-)

    Will you find out how to call the Dark Knight for help?

    And for those that really get a kick out of discovering hidden stuff in maps: Maybe you will find the secret underground casino and play a bit of "Black Jack Carver":

    Yes, it's a fully functional Blackjack mini-game inside a regular Far Cry map!

    But remember: The House always wins. 8)

    The elusive Zuper Zecret has not been cracked yet, so I hope some day one of you will find it. Post a screenshot if you manage to get there and I'll invite you to a virtual cognac. :thumbup:


    Version 2.0 still sees Jack Carver fighting those pesky video pirates, but his playground has got a huge makeover and offers now more options and possibilities than ever. The updated fc_tv sports more than 1000 custom textures, sounds and enhanced effects, in addition to several new custom objects and vehicles. Combining elements from multiplayer and single player gaming, this map upgrade also opens up a new level of interactivity and complexity. Experience never before seen gameplay elements and several brandnew in-game challenges that will test your skills and your knowledge of Far Cry!


    Have a look at the more prominent changes:

    # Added Speedy Shoes

    # Added Time Tunnel

    # Added flying MGs and mortars

    # Reduced capture time of all 3 bases and added more cover for attackers

    # Added tunnel through mountains between base 1 and 2

    # Added maintenance tunnel at base 3

    # Added defense catapults

    # Added helicopter at base 3, reachable via hanggliders, jetpacks and teleporting

    # Added scooter

    # Fixed sitting animations and implemented passengers/machine guns on select quad bikes

    # Fixed lights and created proper wreck .cgf models with particle fx for scooter/caddy

    # Replaced standard rafts with customized Miami Vice jet skis

    # The glider jump pads and the satellite will now also recharge your health, armor and ammo

    # All wooden boxes and sawblades in the map are now bulletproof and may be used as shields

    # Added ACME/Roadrunner/Wile E. Coyote detonators

    # Added Flipper - faster than lightning!

    # Added Batman challenge: Hello Dar-K-Night, my old friend!

    # Added Sharknado challenge

    # Added Tarzan challenge

    # Added Cryptkeeper challenge

    # Added Breaking Bad challenge

    # Added Fall Guy nightmare challenge

    # Added Stargate portals

    # Added secret underground casino featuring an interactive Black-Jack-Carver card game

    # Added more sexiness due to popular demand

    # Added, expanded and updated several effects, textures, sounds, and gags



    Filled to the brim with secrets, mini games and Easter eggs there is a lot for you to discover. No one else around to play with? Fc_tv offers plenty of stuff to keep you busy till the server fills. And exploring is certainly encouraged and rewarded as many of the new gameplay elements are hidden from direct view. Several of the advanced features and effects in this map, e.g. dynamic synchronized daytime/nighttime and environmental effects, have never been attempted before and I really tried hard to push the boundaries of what is possible within the realms of Far Cry multiplayer mapping. Kr!eger also put a lot of work into making it all come together -- big shout-out to him!


    Have fun everyone,




    Jack Carver's days as a weapon-toting daredevil on top secret missions in the South Pacific are long gone. Getting too old for dangerous thrills, he has carved out a new career as an actor in a TV series, working long hours for the FARCRY BROADCASTING CORPORATION to make ends meet.

    However, just about when Jack is ready to shoot a new episode, things take a dramatic turn: A renegade group of TV pirates is trying to take over the broadcast station and all its facilities! Will Jack return to form and stop them from hijacking the TV transmission? Can he secure the FARCRY TV satellite uplink? And most important, will Jack live long enough to star in another season of his hit TV show?






    FC_TV is a highly interactive map that features a lot of new content and never before seen effects:

    + New gameplay mode "CTB": Capture the Transmission Base

    + Usable objects for killing

    + Usable objects for cover

    + Jetpacks & Speedy Shoes®

    + Flying MGs and mortars

    + Dynamic synchronized daytime/nighttime effects

    + Dynamic weather effects including a tornado

    + Custom weapons, traps and vehicles

    + Jump pads

    + Teleporting

    + Lucky Respawn

    + 2.5-D effects

    + Built-in AI

    + Animation sequences

    + Interactive casino card game included

    + More than 1000 brandnew custom textures, sounds, objects and effects

    + Vast playground map with tons of Easter eggs, skill puzzles, secrets and mini-games




    Give it a try! ^^

    Hey Uwi, ich hab deinen Post leider erst jetzt gesehen, aber es ist schön zu hören, dass du wieder etwas am Köcheln hast. Freu mich schon sehr auf deine nächsten Maps! Die Screenshots sehen fantastisch aus, kann's kaum erwarten, die Karten anzuspielen. Komm doch mal am Teamspeak vorbei, damit wir ein bissl plaudern können, wenn du Zeit und Lust hast.

    Ob sich meine Voraussage bewahrheiten wird? ^^