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    I recently intalled the Game and the FCLoader 5.2 and now i get BANNED after a while on every server i play :cry:
    It says my farcry.exe is modified.

    I didn't install anything but the game from cd, the cumulative 1.4 patch and the fcloader i downloaded from this site.
    Deleting the farcry.exe as suggested in a FAQ post was not helpful ;)
    I'm running a win 7 x64 system and had to launch the game as admin.

    I was just so happy to find out that this game is still played online, and now this :cry:
    Can anyone help?

    Also: when i start the game, nothing happens at first. there is a farcry.exe task in taskmanger but nothing else.
    Only when i start it again without killing the task, the game starts. then i got two farcry tasks running :?