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    I answer me self - have 24 hours near continuous Win10 and different drivers for older I3/i7 processors with on chip graphic installed, deinstalled, formatted and so far.

    Finally: 2 of the comps are not able the FC1 to run. It is not the installation or LR plugin itself, this is the version of processor and the Intel 4000 graphic. I do not found any reason to run FC1 here - after start, in the moment it appears the login screen, frreeze the comp and the game is ower. Power off/on, nothing other helps.

    On other processor, the graphic driver tell me, it install the HD4400 version - and on this comp running the FC1 perfect.

    Ok, i give up. Only one i can say - FarCry1 which was installed on XP comp and simply copied to other computer is running on Win7/64 and Win10/64. Only double click on NoCD-modified EXE. If they wont start, was by me the only problem with the compatibility of the graphic chip. If it was running, then without admin rights and without compatibility modus too.


    I have installed FC1 with latest LR patch on Win7/64bit - and it is running best! With only one "little" problem - i do not see the LR servers in last years. But local single play does it like before.

    My problem is now:

    - I wish play with old friends LAN multiplayer local. Because the most of them have Win10 installed, have tried to run FC1 with LR3 on fresh installed Win10/64bit PC. This have 16GB RAM and Intel I3 procesor with Intel 4000HD graphic on chip. In the moment, as the play reached on begin the standard Ubi login (name/pass), what i normally can on the other machine cancel with escape - this Win10 comp freezes and i can wakeup them via power off and power on restart.

    Any idea? How is the best way to play FC1 on WIn10? Further on the most Win7 and WinXP comps was enough to copy the whole directory installed on WinXP computer and run the modified start w/o CD exe. But not yet.

    Thank you, best greeting,