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    First of all, I wish say here that every next actions should be performed with Admin Rights!

    1) Install FarCry1 (or change the whole folder) to C:\Ubisoft\Crytek\Far Cry NOT to C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Crytek\Far Cry... Important!
    2) Download, UnRAR and replace the original "\Bin32\Farcry.exe" with this one: FarCry.exe (Crack NoDVD)

    3) Download and install the Far Cry Patch v1.1 (27Mb)
    4) Download and install the Far Cry Patch v1.4 Cumulative (180Mb)
    5) Install the LRv3 Patch from here: FCLoader v5.x (and follow all instructions that is showed on the LR page)
    6) Run FCLoader
    7) Make a click on the “Find FarCry Folder” button and select your FarCry folder, and then click in “OK”.


    8) To finish, make a click on the “Submit Change” button to save the FarCry path. Once it's done, all available patches which were greyed out before chossing the FarCry Folder, will now be ready to use.


    9) Select the patch LR3 that you wanna play.. and confirm with "Ok" on the next window!


    * Some players might need to run the FCLoader v5.2 with grant admin rights! To fix appear error messages.

    That's all folk's!... Everything should works fine now!  8o