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    Hello Halfi,

    in case of creating FarCry Gameservers properly, we would need more informations about your Dedicated Server.
    - Is it a Root-Server or a VPS? (Be aware that Homeservers are NOT recommended due to connection issues)
    - Is it a Windows or Linux operating System?
    - Where it is located? Inside or outside Europe?

    According to these informations it will be easy to help you out.
    Depending on that it will be possible to host FarCry Gameservers or not.

    By the way, are you new in FarCry? Haven't seen you ingame yet.

    Best regards

    Hey FoxTare :)

    Yeah it was nice.

    I'm just thinking about the Linux Application "Wine". It could/should work that way. I would need to test that.

    I haven't got any Linux server with Desktop enviroment so far. When you connect to your servers, do you actually have a Desktop view? Or is it like a black box with letters and typing in commands, etc?

    Anyway, many games do work with that application, so why not the Gameserver Application too. It's all about testing that.
    Would be a nice thing to test that, and not giving up too quickly on that. I would even do that by my own to know whats possible and what not.
    If everything fails, I could offer you a Gameserver from my windows rootserver if you want ;)

    Yeah, my webhoster got some DNS issues at the moment. Not sure about when that gets fixed. Got something todo with the SSL.

    Best regards

    Hello FoxTare :)

    Strange I thought I had answered you once already. Seems like not.

    I've tried asking GameTracker once I guess over the Forums, althought I've never really received an answer.

    However, in case you got proper contact with the developing team of GameTracker, we would really like to get FarCry tracked by GameTracker too! That would be cool, since it's kindy like the onliest game which isn't listed there... :(

    I've seen your forum, nice post you've written :)

    Nice to see even other games having same troubles like FarCry to keep going. Nice to see that.

    I've readen you're interested in starting up Gameservers for these Videogames. In case you're in FarCry too, then I can offer you proper support to setup a FarCry Gameserver. It's recomandet to have a proper Rootserver at that game, since Home-Hosting isn't recomandet at this game.

    In case you got TeamSpeak, we could actually come togehter some day, maybe you got even some questions about this game to get answered.

    Best regards

    Hello :)

    For the working game you need the following two files only. Make sure to have the file name in lower case, and not in upper case!
    Keep the following two files in your Bin32 directory - rename the file into lower case!

    Remove the following two files from your FarCry main and Bin32 directory:

    The file "MFC71.dll" might be needed for some mappers to load up the Editor, but remove it whenever mapping has ended.
    If you're mapping at FarCry also remember to create a backup from the "./FCData/effects.pak", since it gets changed when saving maps at the Editor. You will need to replace the one in the FCData with the backup effects.pak everytime you have been mapping.

    Best regards

    Hello Zink9 :)

    Welcome on our Board.

    This issue already tells you what todo. It's pretty simple.
    Go to your FarCry directory.

    If you have FarCry CD/DVD then: C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Crytek\Far Cry (or FarCry without Space)
    In case you got the Steam version: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Far Cry (or FarCry without Space)

    Once you're there, search for dll or pak files. Remove all dll and pak files out from your FarCry main directory.
    When you're done. The issue will be fixed ;)

    Best regards

    Usually we play at afternoon/night times.

    I don't know your Timezone and where you live, but at night we usually play.
    Usually someone will be TeamSpeak then too. Look at the TeamSpeak Viewer on our webpage.

    Regards Kr!eger

    Hey Uwi,

    sorry war im Urlaub.

    Also... Ich werde da ein bischen versuchen müssen. Und etwas vorbereiten.
    Es wird aber wohl nötig sein das du ins TeamSpeak kommst und evtl. TeamViewer hast damit ich mir den FarCry Ordner mal genau unter die lupe nehmen kann. ;)

    Nenn mir ein Wochenende/Datum an dem du Zeit hast.

    Dann Treffen wir uns im TeamSpeak mit TeamViwer, und dann schaue ich mir das mal an, und dann schauen wir mal woran es liegt das es ned funzt.

    Gruß Kr!eger

    Hallo Uwi,

    schön das du wieder da bist.

    Ein automatisches schliesen des Videospiels gibt ist nur in kombi mit einer Meldung.

    Um Vllt. das ein oder andere Problem zu lösen kannst du versuchen das Spiel mit Administrator zu starten und/oder mit Kompatibilitäts-Modes auf "Windows XP Service Pack 3".

    Eine Meldung kann neuerdings auch auftretten wenn sich *.pak oder *.dll dateien im FarCry Hauptordner befinden - Bitte diese daten sofort entfernen.

    Du kannst ggf. auch einen Screenshot vom FarCry / FCData / Bin32 an übertragen, dann schaue ich gern mal drüber.
    Dann ggf. auch noch einen aus dem lrProfiles Ordner, vllt. kann FarCry manche Daten nich schreiben/lesen beim Start des Spiels, dann bitte immer das Spiel mit Administrator Rechten starten. Dazu einfach in den FarCry -> Bin32 -> FarCry.exe -> Rechtsklick -> Eigenschaften -> Kompatibilität -> "Programm als Administrator ausführen" sowie "Programm im Kompatibilitätsmodus ausführen" "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)"

    Es kann aber auch sein das... Sich beim Start die zLRS_v3.pak nicht in den FCData kopiert. Wenn das der Fall ist, schliesst das Spiel sofort von selbst, ohne jegliche Meldung und sofortig. Bitte in dem Fall überprüfen das der FCLoader auch mit "Adminitrations Rechten" gestartet wird.

    Kannst heut Abend auch gern noch ins TS kommen :)

    Gruß Kr!eger

    Hello mks135,

    your current LRv2 version isn't actually the newest one, and since these old versions might not be compatible anymore with our server requirements it's not possible to reach any kind of informations out of our masterserver.

    However, since we're under construction on our main page, and we're into some DNS issues since some time our website remains down.

    Here I give you a WeTransfer link towards the latest available LRv2 (v2041) Client-Side version:

    We will keep you up to date with some news whenever the main page is back in service.

    Feel free to continue using our forums for support and LRv2/LRv3 content. ;)


    Hey Zoli,

    thanks for the information. We know that the current construction of our website and the DNS issue we're into right now makes it unavailable to reach our webpage. :o

    However here you got a WeTransfer link towards the latest LRv2 (v2041) Client-Side version ;) :


    The following players have recently been included into the whitelist from KILLroy's gameserver:

    Regards Kr!eger :)

    These news were very unexpected for our LRv2-Team, we feel very exited about this post at :o

    Roadkill made good publicity at Reddit for FarCry and our main solution LRv2 (in the future also LRv3). Very good job Roadkill! ;)

    One of the contributors of twingalaxies did talk about FarCry's past and current situation, also about LRv2 and the modders that made it.

    Here you can take a look at the post, very nice and worth to read:

    Again thanks for the hard work the FarCry Community is doing to keep FarCry and our services alive! :D:)

    Regards LRv2-Team

    Hello and welcome on our board,

    we're very exited about your registration on our official forums. Feel free to uuse it so, and get in touch with more players.
    You can get mapping and game support from our Teams. :)

    - Garbitos
    - SplinTer
    - Nevapapa
    - TopZeed

    Nice to see some GeForce players back in FarCry, haven't seen the GFE tag for long time.
    Also nice to have Garbitos back active, you're a very known scripter and coder at FarCry, and I remember your work very well, nice to meet you!

    Regards LRv2-Team and Kr!eger :P

    First at all, welcome to our forums! ;)

    This forum has been created for players which do acctually play the online game "FarCry".
    In this forum you can get in touch with other players, and/or get support or help whenever you need.
    Since this forum is part of the LRv2 extension, you can receive support and latest informations about updates, server stuff and mapping features.

    In the "Mapping" area you can talk about everything and anything that has todo about mapping. Some players like for example "Astaron" might give you some advice and help if you're into mapping or creating new maps for FarCry Multiplayer. :)

    In the LRv2/LRv3 area, clients and server admins can talk about suggestions, problems, bugs, improvements or just have a simple conversation that has todo with the LRv2/LRv3 extensions for FarCry.

    If you're just into getting in touch with some players, or to announce some game nights, saturday night fights, funwars, tournaments, etc. Than use the general forums, and in case it's about other games or something else, then just use the "Off-Topic" forum. :lol: :)

    When it's about registering to our forums: When you register to this forum you have to answer one of two simple questions. That way we avoid to receive spam registrations. ;)

    Which is the name of the FarCry Extension we offer?
    Possible answers: LR, LR2, LR3, LRv2, LRv3, LastResistance

    Which is the name of the game we offer community support and help?
    Possible answers: FarCry, Far Cry, farcry, far cry

    We also wanna let you know, that we wanna have a nice environment inbetween the forum users, so please respect each other, and don't use badwords in your posts, also don't insult, just be nice to each other and in case theres a problem, then just get in touch with some forum moderator or administrator, they will help you to sort out the problem.

    Have fun playing FarCry, and have a nice time on our forums! :)

    Regards your Forum Admins.

    The following players have recently been included into the whitelist:

    45b73834979b78853f2645399c11bab11c7b1fab // =}G{= Monster_man
    59bf95746d29515b1e0767b5a6be713d5f72552e // JP [MFA]
    528148d6cb22c586c21909f44baabd91a47c16f7 // AS [MFA]
    7cbd76f8a17f7d433e7cb3767e521536bc667893 // [E-s.]ocbtqgvg
    fd17d08678bfff67ee0677525d91db81bcbf6791 // MaTeJ
    b5f1a77e7301649886dcd317fbe326f7bfbb942f // PORSCHE

    Regards Kr!eger :)

    This topic includes a general list of players which are whitelisted on our FarCry Community Gameservers, all players are kept on the list to allow secure and fair playing and to keep ServerAdmins able to know who is playing on their servers.
    The following players on the list below are considered "Okay" by the server admins and are allowed to play on whitelisted gameservers.

    Server-Admins can post new entries of their whitelist on this topic to keep all community server up to date.

    To use this general Whitelist on your gameserver, just copy the following list bellow and paste it into the "Profiles/server/Whitelist.txt" on your gameserver. Everytime the whitelist gets changed the server is gonna load it automatically on every map switch.

    Usefull ingame server Whitelist administration
    It might happen at some point that an unknown player appears on your gameserver. To whitelist the player you can use the ingame "ServerAdmin QuickPanel", there you got some "Whitelist functions". To read out latest players, open the right list and select "Show", and click the "Pending" button on the left. The server might give and output about the last player joined

    In case none pending players have been found it might export: LR-Server: None pending players to whitelist!

    To add a pending player onto the whitelist while gaming, just go back into the "ServerAdmi-QuickPanel" and select on the same list "Add" or "Skip" to add the player onto the Whitelist, or to skip the player. (In case you wanna take a deeper look onto the player, just look into the LRGuid.txt to look up when the player joined and from which contry the player is)

    In case certain players you don't wish on your server have been whitelisted and are currently playing on the gameserver, just select ht player and use the "Remove" button of the "Whitelist functions" to remove the player again.

    The way adding or skipping players from being whitelisted is pretty easy for a ServerAdmin and the most secure system ever done in online gaming.

    Server-Admins Gameserver Whitelist - State 31.12.2018

    Players that have been violated and shouldn't be Whitelisted!