Hello from Norway.

  • An avid FPS gamer from Norway, lately I have become lost in the rabbithole that is Iranian FarCry TC, so if anyone can help me get those more stable that would be appreciated. You may recognize my username from legendsworld or old-games.

  • Hello Terje_P and welcome aboard our ship!

    What a rabbithole you have chosen there, indeed. Your gameplay videos certainly make for an interesting viewing, even if one doesn't play the mods proper. We are really a community for the original FC mp only, so I am not sure we can help you with these tc's. But maybe when you exhausted all your Iranian, Korean and Nigerian mods you want to stop by and join us for a game of classical Far Cry multiplayer. You can also find us on Discord or drop by on the LRv3 or FWL teamspeak (yeah, we are oldschool too!). :)

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