Bloody Conspiracy

  • I'm curious if anyone of you are able to load the second map in this FarCry TC. It seems to be based on the Delta Sector mod for FarCry. I got into the second map a few times, but it crashes soon after. Maybe some experienced FarCry modders is able to fix whatever is wrong with the map. I don't think is a general compatibility issue as one of the other Total Conversions for FarCry worked as expected (AhriMan)

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  • Hi Terje,

    you are digging up some really rare and exotic stuff here. 8) Many of us have heard about the Russian FC mods, but who would have thought there were all these Iranian mods and tc's out there as well. The mind boggles! I hope you can get the rest of the maps working somehow and show some more of them on your yt channel. However, we are here focused more or less exclusively on maintaining and improving the original Far Cry multiplayer part, not so much on sp gaming or modding. So I am not sure we would be of much help to your efforts. I wish you good luck anyway, it is always fun to see in what creative ways people approach our beloved game! :thumbup:

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