Test maps FFA/TDM 'mp_djxa_buggyball_0.97.96'

  • Hello,
    Would it be possible to install a map (mp_djxa_buggyball_0.97.96) that I created on your servers?

    I thank you in advance :)


    DOWNLOAD 1 : https://www.dropbox.com/s/bu2f…uggyball_0.97.96.rar?dl=0

    (Direct) DOWNLOAD 2 : https://www.farcry-2010.com/jd…jxa_buggyball_0.97.96.rar

    DOWNLOAD : https://www.farcry-2010.com/in…mp-djxa-buggyball-0-97-96


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  • Hello -{DjXa}-Didjay!

    Welcome back at Far Cry!

    Your map looks great!
    Thanks for the post and the video.

    I've uploaded the map to our MapSpace and Gameservers.
    Everyone can download and play the map in-game.
    (Inside the Map-Downloads-Panel the map is also listed - See screenshot)


    Best regards,


  • I just tried on two servers.

    The map loads fine, but when i got there, a request window pops up "Reconnect is needed!"
    To apply the server required setting, you are about to connect in a few seconds.

    it is after reloading the map that it crashes.

    I tried lowering my graphics settings from Far Cry, but nothing helped. are these other settings?

    Wouldn't it be possible to deactivate this rule? this temporarily for this map

    Great :)

  • Some selected settings are same for all players.

    It sets once, reconnects and then you're on the server. It happens once after connecting a different server, if you disconnect and connect again at the same server the message won't appear again. Only one time at one server.

    I've played your map before, had no issues at all.

    Just go on the server, let the message do the reconnect, and vote for your map oncr you're on the gameserver.

    Best regards,


  • Hm. Another player from our Discord tried the map and said...

    I've tried it once only.

    And it loaded and I could join and and play it. Had only arround 30 – 50 FPS. However, I could move. It was a bit laggy, but I could shoot. However, maybe the map is too big and too heavy for FarCry still.

    I played the map FarCry 3 from NRW Mappack made by Uwi. It's also very heavy, just players with very good PC could play it, FPS drop too much.

    Best Regards


  • That's good news with the other PC.

    Strange that this issue happends on some PCs and others not.

    We play many maps a day. However, haven't seen such issue so far.

    Do you have an idea what causes these issues on the buggyball map?

    Maybe as you said already at your first post:


    This map is not new, but as I have more time at the moment, I want to test now. it's quite heavy, but computers and servers are more efficient now, so that shouldn't be a problem. If so I will update.

    Can it be made less heavy? Is that possible?

    Anyway, I could join on the map with no issue, just my FPS was very low.

    Maybe Astaron could advice you something. He is a mapper, and works together with us to create new entities and triggers for mappers to use. Maybe he got an idea to higher the map Performance.

    I don't know much of the Editor, I'm just a scripter.

    By the way, when you open the Editor with LRv3 you will see a lot more entities.

    Loads of Triggers got added, also MPPhysicObject, snd many more entities.

    Take a look at maps like: fc_all-stars, fc_tv or ctb_pripjat. Loads of more effects got possible at Multiplayer now. Look at: FC_TV

    The CustomVehicle entity allows you to add new custom ground vehicles too.

    Best Regards


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