who would play when ?

  • Describe when you would play, when you would look up at the online playground? If you write a time, date and time, for example, 06/06/2021 06:00 to 08:00 pm. Gmt +1 Rome is the one who looks up and then you can go for a ride. So the chances are that you are up just when you are. This is just a thought from me. Have a nice day. Today I will be up on the server gmt + 1Rome 2021.aug.03 22:00 -00.00.If you feel like come and shoot one .Nice day. Robi 8)

  • Hi Robi and to anyone else asking themselves a similar question:

    I can recommend checking for Far Cry players that are currently online on this page:


    Or you can check out our very own listing here:


    If you go to the ranking section on trackbase (https://farcry.trackbase.net/?mod=ranking) you can get a good idea of the times when most people usually play by looking at the "Last Seen" column. In general, the best times for playing, I would like to believe, are somewhere between 20:00 and 03:00 o'clock CET (Central European Time), depending of course on the weekday and seasonal differences.

    You are of course also invited to join us on Discord at any time and get a game going by simply asking around in our community. :thumbup:

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