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    Jack Carver's days as a weapon-toting daredevil on top secret missions in the South Pacific are long gone. Getting too old for dangerous thrills, he has carved out a new career as an actor in a TV series, working long hours for the FARCRY BROADCASTING CORPORATION to make ends meet.

    However, just about when Jack is ready to shoot a new episode, things take a dramatic turn: A renegade group of TV pirates is trying to take over the broadcast station and all its facilities! Will Jack return to form and stop them from hijacking the TV transmission? Can he secure the FARCRY TV satellite uplink? And most important, will Jack live long enough to star in another season of his hit TV show?






    FC_TV is a highly interactive map that features a lot of new content and never before seen effects:

    + New gameplay mode "CTB": Capture the Transmission Base

    + Usable objects for killing

    + Usable objects for cover

    + Jetpacks & Speedy Shoes®

    + Flying MGs and mortars

    + Dynamic synchronized daytime/nighttime effects

    + Dynamic weather effects including a tornado

    + Custom weapons, traps and vehicles

    + Jump pads

    + Teleporting

    + Lucky Respawn

    + 2.5-D effects

    + Built-in AI

    + Animation sequences

    + Interactive casino card game included

    + More than 1000 brandnew custom textures, sounds, objects and effects

    + Vast playground map with tons of Easter eggs, skill puzzles, secrets and mini-games




    Give it a try! ^^

  • 3mPijdm.jpg

    Version 2.0 still sees Jack Carver fighting those pesky video pirates, but his playground has got a huge makeover and offers now more options and possibilities than ever. The updated fc_tv sports more than 1000 custom textures, sounds and enhanced effects, in addition to several new custom objects and vehicles. Combining elements from multiplayer and single player gaming, this map upgrade also opens up a new level of interactivity and complexity. Experience never before seen gameplay elements and several brandnew in-game challenges that will test your skills and your knowledge of Far Cry!


    Have a look at the more prominent changes:

    # Added Speedy Shoes

    # Added Time Tunnel

    # Added flying MGs and mortars

    # Reduced capture time of all 3 bases and added more cover for attackers

    # Added tunnel through mountains between base 1 and 2

    # Added maintenance tunnel at base 3

    # Added defense catapults

    # Added helicopter at base 3, reachable via hanggliders, jetpacks and teleporting

    # Added scooter

    # Fixed sitting animations and implemented passengers/machine guns on select quad bikes

    # Fixed lights and created proper wreck .cgf models with particle fx for scooter/caddy

    # Replaced standard rafts with customized Miami Vice jet skis

    # The glider jump pads and the satellite will now also recharge your health, armor and ammo

    # All wooden boxes and sawblades in the map are now bulletproof and may be used as shields

    # Added ACME/Roadrunner/Wile E. Coyote detonators

    # Added Flipper - faster than lightning!

    # Added Batman challenge: Hello Dar-K-Night, my old friend!

    # Added Sharknado challenge

    # Added Tarzan challenge

    # Added Cryptkeeper challenge

    # Added Breaking Bad challenge

    # Added Fall Guy nightmare challenge

    # Added Stargate portals

    # Added secret underground casino featuring an interactive Black-Jack-Carver card game

    # Added more sexiness due to popular demand

    # Added, expanded and updated several effects, textures, sounds, and gags



    Filled to the brim with secrets, mini games and Easter eggs there is a lot for you to discover. No one else around to play with? Fc_tv offers plenty of stuff to keep you busy till the server fills. And exploring is certainly encouraged and rewarded as many of the new gameplay elements are hidden from direct view. Several of the advanced features and effects in this map, e.g. dynamic synchronized daytime/nighttime and environmental effects, have never been attempted before and I really tried hard to push the boundaries of what is possible within the realms of Far Cry multiplayer mapping. Kr!eger also put a lot of work into making it all come together -- big shout-out to him!


    Have fun everyone,


  • Some more screenshots:

    What horrors and mysterious secrets lie at the bottom of these stairs?

    Is that a... tornado? It's actually more than that but you gotta play to find out.

    What is going on here?

    Can you make your way into the TV weather studio?

    If you ever wanted to know what it feels like to be speedhacking, here's your chance to do it legally. If you can find the right shoe shop, that is...:

    Wait, do we see here hints of a railshooter in Far Cry? ;-)

    Will you find out how to call the Dark Knight for help?

    And for those that really get a kick out of discovering hidden stuff in maps: Maybe you will find the secret underground casino and play a bit of "Black Jack Carver":

    Yes, it's a fully functional Blackjack mini-game inside a regular Far Cry map!

    But remember: The House always wins. 8)

    The elusive Zuper Zecret has not been cracked yet, so I hope some day one of you will find it. Post a screenshot if you manage to get there and I'll invite you to a virtual cognac. :thumbup:

  • :thumbup: Hooray, we have a winner, and I am not talking about the Winter Olympics!

    1378 days (that's almost 4 years) after the original release of the map fc_tv our player [DB] InCr3d1bLe managed to finally crack the elusive Zuper Zecret and found his way into eternal bliss. Or prison? ^^ Anyway, job well done! I salute you, and as promised, here's your virtual cognac:

    This picture has been lying on my drive forever and I am glad I can finally use it. I really appreciate the determination! Since [DB] InCr3d1bLe is the very first player to ever lay eyes on the mysterious Zuper Zecret, he is hereby admitted to a very exclusive club and sworn to eternal secrecy never to reveal how he solved the riddle. Wanna make your way into the ZZ yourself? Well, go ahead and beat the challenge! :)

  • Hello,

    je pense que nous nous sommes rencontrés par hasard sur FarCry.

    Vous m'avez proposé d'essayer votre map FC TV, et ça été pour moi une grande découverte de voir autant d'originalités dans une map FarCry. On remarque bien la passion que vous y avez mis à la créer. Une map pleines de surprises avec beaucoup de références à des séries tv des années 70s, 80s..

    Je n'ai à mon avis pas encore tout découvert.. j'y retournerai donc certainement !!

    j'imagine bien le temps et le travail que vous avez mis à la créer.

    Encore bravo et merci pour le moment passé avec vous, j'ai bien rigolé (surtout avec le mec projeté en l'aire devant la caméra :D )

    Vive la communauté des derniers résistants du vrai FarCry :*

    A bientôt


  • Salut Didjay,

    je suis désolé pour la réponse tardive mais je tiens vraiment à te remercier pour tes bons mots ! Venant d'un collègue mappeur, cela signifie beaucoup pour moi. J'espère que tu as eu du plaisir à parcourir fc_tv et à explorer ses petites vignettes et ses extras. Cette carte en comporte beaucoup plus, ainsi qu'une multitude de défis et de mini-jeux, si tu es prêt à y consacrer un peu de temps. J'aime mes petits coins secrets et mes gags bouffons et nous n'avons fait qu'effleurer la surface. ^^ Il y a encore beaucoup de choses à découvrir !

    C'est vraiment génial d'avoir encore des gens de l'âge d'or du Far Cry. Pendant tant d'années, tu as mis beaucoup de dévouement et un travail incroyable dans le jeu et je serais honoré de te rencontrer à nouveau sur les serveurs, sur notre Discord ou sur Teamspeak. :thumbup: Peut-être pourrions-nous jouer ensemble un peu plus et, si cela te tente, *RD*Kr!eger ou moi-même te montrerons d'autres fonctionnalités et améliorations que nous avons apportées au jeu.

    Au plaisir de te rencontrer à nouveau,

    tous les meilleurs


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