• Hello Everyone!

    My name is Arno, 34, a soon to be dad from The Netherlands.

    Nicknames: NFS_Gamer, Stinger, now MuVo.

    Clans: <BPA>, FFF (on FCMP) and EL!TE.

    Insert wall of text:

    When FarCry was announced I could not wait to play it. When it was released, I played first the Single Player, soon I discovered the first FCMP server list. A great way to play FarCry Multiplayer as a Student! First, I played FFA and TDM soon I discovered Assault. Instant hooked on the action and the variation Assault introduced in the game.

    On FCMP I started the <BPA> Bullet Proof Army clan with Flip (Also Dutch, we randomly met). We had some clan games but not that much, that serious although I did my best to keep the clan. BPA had some great players that also grow big in Retail MP. Eventually Flip went to Retail and ended up in Sz and/or Ghost (not sure the last one). I kept playing in FCMP, later joined retail MP.

    In retail I played with El!TE, had a good time and I liked the Clanbase matches. It was a nice team to play with. Under alias names I played for the clan FFF in FCMP and on retail for Bullet Proof Monkeys. Later I understood that BPM had some famous cheaters onboard. I even played some matches as SZ in a backup role, but that was more at the end of FC MP.

    Besides multiplayer I enjoyed the sandbox and created some MP maps. Not very popular one, but I had fun with it, mp_Pier, mp_Archive etc. I still have some never released maps, as custom created big bridge (like you see in a map in Americans Army) and underwater world (based/learned from another map) and a city map.

    Even thought I was not a community player. For FCMP I had the idea to create a community map contest. With much support of the Dutch clan W!cked and the Sky clan and many others helped to support the idea. The contest delivered a map pack FCMP Map pack. (FCMP_ tag in the map). The maps were rated by a small group that acted as judge. Official winner was FCMP_PureAssault. The map pack was release with a small bug, one missing map. But wit with a re-upload I solved that issue. I am glad to see that in the current map-downloader all the maps are present!

    Nowadays I still play some games, mainly Apex Legends. But the FarCry feeling never left. I tried the game in the past to play but windows 8/10 where not helping. Last week I found this community, with some help I got FarCry running. I hope that I can play some fun FarCry multiplayer games with you.

    Great to see that there are still players playing FarCry multiplayer! I will try to contact old Elite and FC players on my Facebook and ask them to join. Thanks to the persons that keep this community alive, thanks for the effort to make this possible!

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