modified FarCry.exe??

  • Hi,
    I recently intalled the Game and the FCLoader 5.2 and now i get BANNED after a while on every server i play :cry:
    It says my farcry.exe is modified.

    I didn't install anything but the game from cd, the cumulative 1.4 patch and the fcloader i downloaded from this site.
    Deleting the farcry.exe as suggested in a FAQ post was not helpful ;)
    I'm running a win 7 x64 system and had to launch the game as admin.

    I was just so happy to find out that this game is still played online, and now this :cry:
    Can anyone help?

    Also: when i start the game, nothing happens at first. there is a farcry.exe task in taskmanger but nothing else.
    Only when i start it again without killing the task, the game starts. then i got two farcry tasks running :?

  • Hello StifflersMom,

    I've wrote a post yesterday already.
    However, it got lost after the Forum update^^

    It's easy to fix your issue.
    I'm sure you're currently having the CD/DVD inside your CD/DVD-Drive to run FarCry.

    Also some CD's got different FarCry execution files then others.

    Just download the FarCry No DVD Fix from our website.

    After this is done, replace it in the ./FarCry/Bin32/ directory.

    Now you don't need to keep the CD/DVD inside the Drive to run the game.

    And you won't experience any issues anymore.

    Best regards,

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