Important Map Fixes

  • Hello fellow FarCriers!

    As you might have noticed when playing Far Cry multiplayer maps throughout the years, there are unfortunately a few out there that have had longstanding issues. Some small and negligible, some not so small to the point of becoming dealbreakers. As a matter of fact, a few of these otherwise great maps have been plagued by problems for more than 15 years. With our mapspace steadily approaching 700 maps, we finally thought it's time to address some of these issues:

    • am_assault01
      One defender spawn point was misappropriated to the attacking team, causing confusion and spawn killing mayhem at flag 2.

    • am_blizzard
      Missing cross-referenced map objects have been correctly reassigned.

    • fcmp_pure2_v2
      One spawn point had defenders spawn under the terrain or fall beneath the surface.

    • mp_2v2_predator
      Map was missing cross-referenced textures.

    • mp_bombay_f
      Erroneous flag setup, effectively turning it into a 2 flag map as the first one was already captured by default.

    • mp_tript
      Two spawn points were misplaced and had the defenders get stuck in the ammo box at flag 1.

    Go ahead and give these upgraded versions a try. The original map data and loading screens were left untouched and are included in the map download for reference. Nothing else other than the issues mentioned above has been changed.

    If you already have the old versions of these maps on your harddrive, the LR addon might kick you for level data mismatch and prompt you to redownload the maps once you connect to the server. In case anything goes wrong please download the maps manually from the map space. Click the "Download maps" button, proceed to receive the available maps and download the map. Voilà!

    If you know any other maps with similar problems that you would like to see fixed, please post them here and I'll have a look at them.

    Have fun everyone, Astaron

  • Two more maps are fixed and available for download:

    • mp_bay21
      Like the similar mp_bombay_f, this map suffered from an erroneous setup, effectively turning it into a 2 flag map. Also, the hanggliders have now been rigged correctly so that they will respawn (on LR servers).

    • mp_2v2_basecamp
      Map was missing the radar beacon and mission texts, causing confusion for attackers at flag 1.
  • Two more maps have come back from the repair shop:

    • mp_stormdrain
      This map has had an error in its spectator/spawn setup that resulted in players sometimes falling to their deaths. This has now been rectified. I also added a spawn point on top of the crane to provide more variety.

    • mp_gallery
      A prominently placed custom texture was missing (cross-referencing) and has now been correctly re-assigned.
  • 3 more maps updated, and some of our most often played maps to boot:

    • am_angelisland
      The fuel tank at flag 1 had no collision, making it possible to shoot through and hide in it. This longstanding bug has now been rectified with a proper collision model.

    • fcmp_PureAssault
      A rock model, used quite frequently and prominently in this map, had severe collision misalignments, making it possible to see through and partly glitch into it. This has now been fixed by replacing it with a newly rendered model with proper collision. Also, the plant that was missing an unrecoverable texture has been replaced with a new custom model. Furthermore, sprite distance ratios have been slightly increased on this map to somewhat mitigate the obvious vegetation pop-in effects.

    • mp_PureAssault
      Essentially the same map as fcmp_PureAssault, so the same changes as above were applied.

    I understand that many people have become used to these popular maps in the past years, all quirks notwithstanding. Therefore, as always, the original map data and loadscreen were left untouched and are included in the map download for reference.

    A quick overview on the PureAssault maps:


    All servers are updated, so if you play one of the maps above a download should be offered to you. Simply click yes and you should be fine. If anything goes wrong, please download the maps manually from our mapspace.

  • Another map patched and available for download:

    • nrw_dark

      This map had a defender spawn point misappropriated to the attackers, causing spawnkilling mayhem at flag 1. This has now been fixed. Moreover, there was a shader error with a custom material, which -- depending on your game settings -- would result in bright white rocks and flickering textures. This has also been rectified. Running under certain specs the map will still display some minor problems with its real time lighting -- I only fixed the most obvious problem at flag 2, where the light flickering was quite distracting while capturing the flag.

    Check out the pics:

    Some of you might already have played it by now, but I would also like to point out that the map mp_to_access has been readded to our mapspace. Unbeknownst to us the servers had been running a defective and effectively unplayable version for several years now. Thankfully, Kr!eger found a working copy in mint condition -- give it a shot, it sure is worth it! :thumbup:

  • Another quick fix:

    • mp_slugworth_keep

      This map was missing several cross-referenced objects, most of them just backdrop decoration, but some also part of the playing area. I found and put them back in.


    See before and after:



  • 3 of our less played 2v2 maps got upgrades:

    • mp_2v2_casas

      The original map erroneously used a LOD model for several barriers, making it possible to shoot and walk through them. This has now been fixed.

    • mp_2v2_mountain

      This map displayed severe lightmapping issues, resulting in messy lighting glitches especially in the indoor section. The proper lighmaps have now been reinstated. Also sprite distances as well as viewing distances for select vegetation elements were bumped up a notch to mitigate the rather jarring pop-in effects.

    • mp_2v2_villa

      The original map used solid collision models for the prominently placed fences, confusing players as to whether they can shoot through them or not. These fence models have now been replaced with newly rendered models that actually let bullets pass. Only the gates are still bulletproof. Formerly undefined materials for these models have also been correctly assigned.

    Some screenshots:

  • One of our recently uploaded maps got a quick overhaul:

    • mp_2v2_nightbattle
      On high specs graphics settings it suffered from a massive overspill of terrain fog, making it almost impossible to navigate on the map. This is now fixed. With the proper viewing distance restored for all game settings, the map will hopefully become a valuable addition to our popular 2v2 section.



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