Say hello to the latest maps on our servers!

  • Have you ever wanted to become a Far Cry archeologist? Thanks to our fellow Far Cry veteran =|HSC|= Viper we were able to lay our grimy hands on a huge number of maps (300+) that haven't been available for playing in a very long time. Most maps are FFA/TDM, but there should be something of interest to everyone in this huge treasure trove. Big shout-out to Mr. Viper for providing us with this blast from the past!

    For our first upload batch we randomly picked the following maps. Spice up your gaming routine and delve into the uncharted worlds of...

    • mp_down_town (FFA/TDM)
    • mp_gallery (FFA)
    • mp_neighbor (FFA)
    • mp_PistolFight (TDM)
    • mp_pistolfight2 (FFA/TDM)
    • pistolfight (FFA/TDM)
    • mp_tagebau (FFA)
    • mp_TAWRiverb3 (ASSAULT) - 7 flags, holy moly!
    • mp_woodville (FFA)

    Also re-added to the mapspace as the download was apparently broken:

    • mp_Interzone (FFA)
    • mp_pitfight (FFA)

    All the servers are updated and ready to go, so if you want some variety to your daily dose of Far Cry, give these maps a spin! We will upload more maps in the upcoming weeks -- check this thread regularly to see what is new.

  • Say hello to the next batch of newly uploaded maps:

    • $2Aqua$4Sniper (FFA)
    • mp_Drylake (ASSAULT)
    • mp_el_swanko_casa (FFA/TDM)
    • mp_farstrike_italy (FFA/TDM)
    • mp_hidden_lakes (FFA/TDM) - this is the original version of the popular mp_2v2_hiddenlakes
    • mp_Ocelote_assault (ASSAULT)
    • mp_slasher (FFA)
    • mp_yummyroom (FFA/TDM) - you will like this if you enjoyed mp_rats and mp_mice
    • Oktakon (FFA)

    There should be something in here for everyone, I hope. All the servers are updated, so go ahead and try out these maps -- what are you waiting for? :D

  • More newly uploaded maps available on all servers:

    • mp_machete (FFA)
    • mp_ns (FFA)
    • mp_rs (FFA)
    • mp_sd (FFA)
    • mp_ship (FFA)
    • mp_wake (FFA)
    • mp_wake_too (FFA)
    • mp_turf (FFA)
    • ctf_surf_n (CTF)

    Mp_wake_too originally also was called mp_wake, so it had to be renamed. They are 2 entirely different maps.

    Our fellow player Noob Saibot was kind enough to provide us with translations for the Russian descriptions of Alexander Gorbunow's maps:

    The map is based on the ship from the second original Carrier mission. Multiplayer battles can be arranged both on two ships and outside. Four types of small arms and two types of grenades are used, plus boats. There is a bridge and suspension cables to cross the ships. Map size is not so big, even two people can play it.

    mp_ns (Night Shootings)
    This multiplayer map is based on the Ship map, except that the environment is completely redesigned for night. In addition to using the same weapons, night vision goggles and a flashlight are also provided. There is practically no lighting inside the ship.

    mp_rs (Raining Season)
    Damned rain - obscures the eyes, and from its noise just right to deaf. Nothing can be seen further than a hundred meters - binoculars will not help. There are several other people like me and all have one single goal - to survive. With a standard set of weapons, this is not easy to do, and in some places there are also minefields. Dense forests, narrow paths and ... rain. At the moment, a beta version of the map is presented on the site, as there were certain difficulties in rendering. During the game, opponents are illuminated with a bright glow, so finding them is easy. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to fix this glitch.

    mp_sd (Storm in Desert)
    There is a desert. Completely naked and lifeless ... But sometimes gamers come across there. A small military base, naturally closed. A lot of shelters from which the space is well shot, a standard set of weapons that is issued immediately, a bright scorching sun, blue sky and sand. What else do you need to be happy? Well, yes, there is no water and birds, there are no binoculars. The enemy may run over you in a jeep and not notice it. But if you sit in a freight car, you can wait out the storm. But who said that the carriage cannot be pelted with grenades?

    Remake of the famous map for the game BATTLEFIELD 1942. Yes, the same Wake. Only in modern realities. Summer, heat, ocean, palm trees, birds ... But they shoot often - they can kill.
    On this map, you will not find an ammo bunker or weapon boxes. You won't need them. Even with the margin given at the beginning, you still won't last long. :) But first- medicine and bulletproof vest are quite enough. Be careful! There are plenty of points from which snipers can shoot well, there are barrels of fuel, lots of shelters and dugouts, as well as all types of transport.

    Thank you for the translations and pointing out these maps to us, Saibot!

  • 10 more maps available on all servers for your fragging pleasure:

    • $4666_hellsgate_a (ASSAULT)
    • fcmp_hardbase (ASSAULT)
    • Goldig (FFA)
    • mp_2v2_freightwreck (ASSAULT) - finally some more action in our 2v2 section
    • mp_house_of_pain_v2 (FFA/TDM)
    • mp_proving_ground (FFA)
    • mp_rave (FFA) - very frantic and fun gameplay, highly recommended
    • mp_safari (FFA) - a worthy addition to our selection of rally maps
    • mp_SOS (FFA/TDM)
    • mp_underworld (ASSAULT) - more eye candy from Mr. Toe Tag

    A nice mixture of ASSAULT and FFA maps that you hopefully will all enjoy! 8)

  • Hello everyone!

    Just a quick notice: 10 more maps have been added to our mapspace. This time around it's a nice mix of some traditional and some rather crazy maps:

    • $4mp_Yarrrr (ASSAULT) - A big map in the classical Far Cry style.
    • mp_2v2_radio_v1 (ASSAULT) - A nice addition to our selection of 2v2 maps.
    • mp_BioStunts (FFA) - A hair-raising rally map; I hope you have no fear of heights. ;-)
    • nrw_nnc_hallfight_assault (ASSAULT) - Small indoor map and also a good choice for 2v2.
    • $7PussY (FFA/TDM) - Indoor action à la mp_to_ruins.
    • mp_colosseum_night (FFA) - Happy Hour for gladiators tonight!
    • mp_flagmania (ASSAULT) - 9(!) flags on this one.
    • mp_frankenstein (FFA/TDM) - Stunning looking indoor map from the reliable Mr. ToeTag.
    • mp_Ice_Station_Zebra (FFA/TDM) - A vast, freezing cold FFA map from ToeTag.
    • mp_no_scope (FFA/TDM) - And, let's go for the hattrick, a gloomy, medium-size sniper map, also created by ToeTag.

    As always, we hope that you will enjoy this selection. All servers are updated -- have fun trying these maps out!

  • We welcome another batch of maps on our mapspace and all servers.

    First off are 3 maps that some of you might already have played in the Weekend Cup 2021:

    • mp_megadeath (FFA/TDM) - A fun arena map with lots of vehicles and options. If you like mp_derby and similar maps, you will also get a kick out of this one.
    • mp_speedsurf (FFA/TDM) - An interesting and slightly bigger take on the classic mp_surf map.
    • mp_Weapons_of_chaos (FFA) - A smallish nighttime map with plenty of action.

    Next up some more ASSAULT maps:

    • Mp_DarkForest_A (ASSAULT) - 2 flags on a small to medium-size map that should suit 2v2 or 3v3 well.
    • mp_meridian (ASSAULT) - A rather big 3 flagger in the more traditional FC vein.
    • mp_moon (ASSAULT) - Not sure about the moon part, but certainly a map like no other in our library. Curious? :-)

    And finally a nice variety pack of FFA and TDM maps from the vaults of one of our latest members. Some of them use single player elements (e.g. flying foxes, automatic doors) that will not work on dedicated multiplayer servers, but play fine otherwise. Thanks for passing them on to us, Beans!

    • mp_caldera (FFA)
    • mp_camping (FFA)
    • mp_castle (TDM)
    • mp_desert (FFA)
    • mp_mudbowl (FFA)
    • mp_sombero (FFA)
    • mp_speedball (TDM)
    • mp_waterworld (FFA)

    Have fun checking these maps out and see you in game!

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