Far Cry from GOG

  • FC1 from GOG has files in Bin32:

    The game doesn't work without them. But with LR3 (and LR2, XT, 1.6 patches) game crashes or freezes. Can you advise something to solve this problem?

  • Hello :)

    For the working game you need the following two files only. Make sure to have the file name in lower case, and not in upper case!
    Keep the following two files in your Bin32 directory - rename the file into lower case!

    Remove the following two files from your FarCry main and Bin32 directory:

    The file "MFC71.dll" might be needed for some mappers to load up the Editor, but remove it whenever mapping has ended.
    If you're mapping at FarCry also remember to create a backup from the "./FCData/effects.pak", since it gets changed when saving maps at the Editor. You will need to replace the one in the FCData with the backup effects.pak everytime you have been mapping.

    Best regards

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