Serverlist unavailable with LRv2 is down

  • Hey guys! What's wrong with the website? It's been several weeks that I have this problem.
    Once I tried to launch the LRv2 patch, I got a message saying that there was an update error. When I went to for the latest version I got this:


    This site can’t be reached’s server IP address could not be found.

    And that's it.
    I reinstalled 2033 version and now I get this:


    Error on downloading the serverlist. Please contact the support team.

    Is there a solution?

  • Hello mks135,

    your current LRv2 version isn't actually the newest one, and since these old versions might not be compatible anymore with our server requirements it's not possible to reach any kind of informations out of our masterserver.

    However, since we're under construction on our main page, and we're into some DNS issues since some time our website remains down.

    Here I give you a WeTransfer link towards the latest available LRv2 (v2041) Client-Side version:

    We will keep you up to date with some news whenever the main page is back in service.

    Feel free to continue using our forums for support and LRv2/LRv3 content. ;)


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