Whitelist for Server Admins

  • This topic includes a general list of players which are whitelisted on our FarCry Community Gameservers, all players are kept on the list to allow secure and fair playing and to keep ServerAdmins able to know who is playing on their servers.
    The following players on the list below are considered "Okay" by the server admins and are allowed to play on whitelisted gameservers.

    Server-Admins can post new entries of their whitelist on this topic to keep all community server up to date.

    To use this general Whitelist on your gameserver, just copy the following list bellow and paste it into the "Profiles/server/Whitelist.txt" on your gameserver. Everytime the whitelist gets changed the server is gonna load it automatically on every map switch.

    Usefull ingame server Whitelist administration
    It might happen at some point that an unknown player appears on your gameserver. To whitelist the player you can use the ingame "ServerAdmin QuickPanel", there you got some "Whitelist functions". To read out latest players, open the right list and select "Show", and click the "Pending" button on the left. The server might give and output about the last player joined

    In case none pending players have been found it might export: LR-Server: None pending players to whitelist!

    To add a pending player onto the whitelist while gaming, just go back into the "ServerAdmi-QuickPanel" and select on the same list "Add" or "Skip" to add the player onto the Whitelist, or to skip the player. (In case you wanna take a deeper look onto the player, just look into the LRGuid.txt to look up when the player joined and from which contry the player is)

    In case certain players you don't wish on your server have been whitelisted and are currently playing on the gameserver, just select ht player and use the "Remove" button of the "Whitelist functions" to remove the player again.

    The way adding or skipping players from being whitelisted is pretty easy for a ServerAdmin and the most secure system ever done in online gaming.

    Server-Admins Gameserver Whitelist - State 31.12.2018

    Players that have been violated and shouldn't be Whitelisted!

  • The following players have recently been included into the whitelist:

    45b73834979b78853f2645399c11bab11c7b1fab // =}G{= Monster_man
    59bf95746d29515b1e0767b5a6be713d5f72552e // JP [MFA]
    528148d6cb22c586c21909f44baabd91a47c16f7 // AS [MFA]
    7cbd76f8a17f7d433e7cb3767e521536bc667893 // [E-s.]ocbtqgvg
    fd17d08678bfff67ee0677525d91db81bcbf6791 // MaTeJ
    b5f1a77e7301649886dcd317fbe326f7bfbb942f // PORSCHE

    Regards Kr!eger :)

  • The following players have recently been included into the whitelist from KILLroy's gameserver:

    Regards Kr!eger :)

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