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  • Astaron

    Hey Didjay, it was great to see you back in action!

  • Didjay

    hello LR3 community :)

  • Almeida 101525

    Olá pessoal cumprimento a todos.Em

  • Ferika

    Hallo! Best greetings to all. Have tried after long time to play, but found no server to play.

  • Kr!eger

    @Didjay Hey! Long time Didjay, welcome back! Your map looks great :)

    @McArthur1951 Welcome back. Feel free to play any evening with us :)

  • Didjay

    hello all :)

  • McArthur1951

    hello. i´m affraid i am not so young anymore. i am just trying to understand why this game lasts for so long. i will try to catch the flag, no matter if i die. promise to be on the field and leave spectator mode at home. : )

  • Krawaller666


  • Krawaller666

    Ich bin noch da Gruß an alle

  • Krawaller666


  • Kr!eger

    Hello Tigro :)
    How are you doing? :)

  • tigro

    hello everybody!

  • Kr!eger

    Welcome on Board EL!TE||St!nger :)

  • Black Death


  • Kr!eger

    Hello! How you doing? :)

  • Dayron

    Hello? I know you're there. Pick up the radio if you can hear this.

  • Saibot


  • deltree


  • Kr!eger

    Hello everyone! :)